Tax Planning

As your independent certified financial planner, Whetro Wealth Management can help you identify various tax deductions, credits, and incentives that you may be eligible for, allowing you to minimize your tax liability. They can analyze your financial situation, investments, and potential deductions to develop strategies that optimize your tax situation.

How Can Whetro Wealth Management Help Me With Tax Planning?

As part of our fiduciary duty to our clients and providing a secure financial plan and portfolio, we work directly with a trusted accounting group to ensure your taxes are being tended to simultaneously. In doing so, it keeps everyone involved updated on any of your financial changes, allowing us to adjust your tax plan accordingly. This allows the licensed financial advisors at Whetro Wealth Management to provide you with accurate, timely tax preparation. When tax season rolls around, we will work directly with your accountant to ensure all the necessary data and documents are available for a smooth, worry-free process.


Tax Planning Services

Tax Planning and Preparation

Whetro Wealth Management’s certified financial planners will monitor your taxes for planning purposes. When taking distributions, we help to calculate the potential tax obligations, ensuring you will be equipped to deliver accurate returns to the IRS. No overpaying, no underpaying. Our accounting group will provide tax preparation and work directly with them to ensure your taxes are tended to with the same trusted, transparent care you’ve come to know Whetro Wealth Management for.

Tax Returns

  • Personal Returns (Household or Individual)
  • Business and Corporate Returns
  • Trust Returns

Northwest Ohio Investors - Why Tax Planning Is So Important

Tax Planning is crucial to financial success. A proper tax plan allows you to stay current with the IRS while ensuring you hold on to the largest amount of your money annually. Reducing your tax liability allows you to maximize your portfolio contributions and increase your investment success.
Whether it’s for retirement, an IRA, the licensed financial advisors at Whetro Wealth Management will help you achieve your investment goals and prepare your taxes simultaneously.

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