Tax Planning

How Can Whetro Advisors Help You with Your Financial Portfolio?

We work with an accounting group within our office to help assist you throughout the year with your tax planning. It is to keep abreast of any financial changes you may be facing, and we will be able to adjust your tax plan accordingly. This enhances our ability to provide accurate and timely tax preparation of your returns at year-end.

At Whetro Advisors, we help you to gather the data needed and will work with your accountant to ensure that they have everything to complete your taxes.


Tax Planning Services

Tax Planning and Preparation

  • We at Whetro Advisors will help to monitor your taxes with tax planning. When taking distributions, we help to calculate the potential tax obligations, so you will not be over or under paying the IRS.
  • We also provide with our accounting group, tax preparation and work with them to ensure your taxes are being taken care of.

Tax Returns

  • Personal Returns such as Married or Individual
  • Business and Corporate Returns
  • Trust Returns

What is Tax Planning and Why is it so Important for Investors in Northwest Ohio?

Tax planning is crucial to your finances because it allows you to collect all of the necessary information to allow you to pay the lowest annual taxes possible. This is what we would call a “tax efficiency” and should be an important part of your financial plan as an individual or as a business, but especially as an investor looking to build your wealth. The more you can reduce your tax liability and can maximize the amount you are able to contribute toward your portfolio or retirement plan increases the success of your investments.

Having the Proper Tax Planning is an Important Aspect of the Overall Financial Planning Process in Toledo, Ohio

Regardless of what your tax planning strategy may be, be it saving for retirement, an IRA, or tax-loss harvesting, Whetro Advisors can help you to meet your investment goals by guiding you through the important step that is tax planning.

We also will take into account considerations such as the timing and size of your income, timing of purchases, and any plans for upcoming expenditures-all of which will affect the way your taxes are used toward your investments.