Investment Planning

Important Things to Understand Before Investment Planning in Northwest Ohio

As a fiduciary and investment firm we have the authority to buy and sell assets for our clients according to each client’s objectives.  Our team of money managers will establish an appropriate investment model for each investor and then purchasing, monitoring, selling, and re-balancing within the model.

What to Know Before You Begin Investing

Before you can build a solid investment plan, it is critical for you to determine what your desired goal is. Typically, investors are looking for one or a combination of three things: a place to keep their money safe, a source of income, or to grow their portfolio. Knowing your investment’s purpose will also allow us to better monitor and rebalance your investment plan so we can optimize it to fit your performance needs. 

How Much Risk Should You Take with Your Investment?

The level of risk you should take depends on a number of different factors. We take into consideration your goals that you first establish, your available financial contribution (monthly or annually), and also when you will need to pull from your investment. All of these factors will help us to determine the best. Investments for your portfolio. In any circumstance, it is important to remember that there are no such thing as high returns with low risk. If you aren’t willing to take on the risk that can come with high returns, we will help you to diversify your investment portfolio, so your money isn’t all in one place and there isn’t fear of losing it all. In cases where we diversify your investment, we analyze the pros and cons of each option to determine if it will best fit your desired investment outcomes, be it long-term retirement money or fast and high returns. 

Our Goal is to Help You Reach Success with Your investment in a Way That Works for You

We are Toledo's most trusted, independent investment financial advisement group. Our clients feel like their money is safely managed and secure with our experienced fiduciary team because we help you reach your financial goals by meeting with you every so often to review your accounts, changes in your goals and your time horizon. For more information about starting your investment plan or about the services our team can offer you, please contact us today to request a free consultation.