Investment Planning

Understanding Your Investments

As your chosen investment firm, you will be empowering our team of financial managers to make to purchase and sell assets according to your wants. We will establish a sensible investment plan that reflects your needs while monitoring its progress, sharing updates all along the way.

Investing: What To Know

To built a solid investment strategy for you, it’s crucial to determine your goal. As an investor, you’re looking for the following:

  • A safe place to house your money
  • A source of income that can meet your needs
  • To grow your investment portfolio

Whetro will work with you to understand your investment’s purpose allowing us to monitor and rebalance to fit your optimal performance needs. 

“How Much Risk Should I Take With My Investment?”

This is perhaps the most common questions asked when it comes to investment. Risk level is based on a few different factors and your financial goals will be the most powerful component in establishing this road map.

We will need to first determine what your available financial contribution will be either monthly or annually. Then, we will determine when you will need to pull from your investment. Taking this information, our team will be able to create the most sensible investment portfolio to tend to your desires.

It is important to remember that “low risk, high return” doesn’t truly exist. However, Whetro is committed to helping educate our clients so they understand the value of a risk. Based on your needs, we will help to diversify your investment portfolio to avoid all your finances being in one place. This helps to alleviate that fear of “losing it all”. In those instances where we diversify your investment, we partner with you to evaluate the pros and cons of each option. The end result is to tailor investments to your wants. Long-term retirement, fast and high returns, we will help to create the most sensible portfolio for you. 

Our Goal: To Help Your Investments Successfully Work For You

We are Northwest Ohio’s most trusted independent financial advisement group. Whetro clients rest easy knowing their investments are being securely managed by our expert fiduciary team. We will help you to reach your financial goals, keeping you up to date along the way. If your goals change, Whetro is here to help no matter the situation.

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